About Us

Pilot a drone today!

Recreational drones are the hottest new technology with diverse and interesting uses. Find out what you look like from 40 feet above when you fly a drone and it takes your pictures from on high. Experience the freedom of flight and shoot smooth, beautiful footage.


We are an authorized DJI distributor.  In addition to Sales, we are excited to offer the following services:

Drone Pilot 101

We offer private, semi-private, and group drone pilot lessons in Newton, Acton, and Southborough. Drone pilot lessons are a great way to learn the state of drone technology today, have a short lesson on safety, gain hands-on experience to operate a drone, and shoot pictures and videos. Lesson cost includes memory card. Drone pilot lessons are ideal for hobbyists who want to “try before you buy”.

Aerial Photography Camp

We offer private and group lessons for photography enthusiasts who want to learn a new skill and expand their portfolio to include aerial footage.  The camp focuses on editing, enhancing, and publishing footage taken from onboard camera.  Lesson cost includes memory card. 

Drone Programming 101

The drone programming camp offers a unique opportunity to learn along all dimensions of STEM. Students ages 10-13 will gain appreciation for the science and mechanics of flight, learn about the mathematics involved in charting a flight path, get hands-on experience programming flight maneuvers, and create their own movies with the footage captured by the onboard camera.

Aerial Inspections

We offer our services to conduct aerial inspections for land management and conservation efforts. Using HD video and HD photos allows for detailed analysis and recording. With photo rendering software, required details can be obtained aerially to allow for efficient management of resources and operations.